Sunday, November 2, 2008

So Much Has Happened!!

"Partial" Family Photo at V's baptism!



Dead Ballerina!

Grandpa taking the girls out to the "haunted garden"

My kids on a hike up at Snowbird!

My favorite! Here we are posing for a picture, completely unaware that my 4-year-old is climbing over the edge of this lookout. Oh it's only about a 50 foot drop to certain death!! But hey! I need to smile for this picture so who cares! Yea, did I mention I am mother of the year?

I can't believe how crazy-busy things have been for us. It's been awhile since I last posted, so I guess it is kinda my fault. With my Iphone I do a lot of checking up, but not a lot of posting. This is the first time I have even touched my home computer since my last post. Well, where to start? We took the family up to Snowbird for a family retreat. That pretty much means that we went up there and did nothing but hang out. We hiked, swam, played, ate, read books, and watched movies. Our cars didn't move for the entire time. We did nothing and it was WONDERFUL! We have decided to do a retreat every year. Vacations are nice, but you end up GO GO GOING and never get a chance just to hang out together with out planning the next move. So it was fabulous! I even got to take yoga classes everyday including one taught by a very dear old friend. Thanks Kristen!

Then the whole Halloween thing happened! Bryces parents had the whole family over for a haunted treasure hunt and it was awesome! Grandpa paraded the kids around the backyard and told ghost stories. With the help of the older kids, ghosts and gouls came to life and thats when the screams arose. It was so fun and the kids were scared to death!! We were all having a blast! These are the kind of things that kids remember. I am so glad that grandpa put this on and I hope it becomes a tradition. K LOVES to get spooked, V hates it, and S THINKS he likes it, but when it comes down to it, he gets pretty scared!

Halloween night went as usual. Get dressed up, meet up with all the cousins and GET CANDY. What more is there to say? V was a dead dancer, K was Indiana Jones, S was Yoda, and C was Squirt (turtle from Nemo). Yea, they were all pretty cute I think!

Then next morning, bright and early was V's baptism. What a wonderful day that was! Everything was perfect and we couldn't be more excited for her. She is such and amazing daughter and I couldn't be more proud of her. I am so lucky to have her!

So those are the updates on our fam. I love this time of year! The weather, the holidays, the feeling in the air, It is by far my favorite season. I woke up this morning to Christmas music (yes, my husband is a Christmas JUNKIE) I can't believe it is already here. Things only get crazier from this point on. The funny thing is, things never stop being crazy do they? I think Ferris said, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once and awhile, you could miss it!" Amen Ferris, amen.


The Prices said...

I love when you quote Ferris! It reminds me how awesome you are. Your kids are adorable. Wish we could've been there for Vienna's baptism. Miss you!

Joan and Brys Blog said...

Lori! Great Pictures! Oh my gosh "V" looks like a little model!! (just like her mommy) The boys are adorable!....Love the beard on Bryce! You guys have so much fun, its great to read your stories!
we miss you all!
Love, Auntie Joan

Gina said...

It's about time you added some more pictures!! :-}
The kids looked great for Halloween but I especially love the picture of Saxon climbing the rail. Every mother of at least three kids should be able to relate and understand that just happens!!. Kids!!!!

Banana said...

Hey woman! cute! love the halloween costumes and everything but my favorite is your mother of the year picture! heheeheh I was laughing in the office!
Talked to Ryan B. today... he said he talks to you and Packer on facebook every now and then.
He lives in Orem . we should all get together :)
Love ya Banana

Bills said...

Lori I can't believe you have a kid that is old enough to get baptized. it seems like just yesterday we were all in college. I miss you and it is great that I can see pictures of you and your family to keep me updated on what's going on with you. Have a great Christmas!