Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy Couple of Weeks!

Look Ma, I caught a 30 pounder!!
Watching Roman Candles with Rachel's kids and a few others!
Nana and Saxon watching the "Big" fireworks show.
Vie and her cousin. Lovin face painting!
I'm callin my dentist for an appt. this week!!
It has been super busy the last couple weeks, doing fun stuff of course! My dearest friend Rachel came down with her kids to stay with us for a week while we took a dance workshop together! It is so nice to be dancing again. I am always teaching and never get the chance to be the student so it was awsome. Also, it was nice to be dancing with my closest friend again! This week was Pioneer Day so we got to enjoy fireworks with nana which was great because we really missed her. While dad was here alone I took the boys up to go fishing with him and we didn't really catch anything, although Kael did catch Saxon!! I just love summer! I love all time to do fun things together. We went to the children's museum yesterday and walked around the Gateway. The kids played in the fountain, we went to California Pizza Kitchen and the kids got monster carmel apples. How can life get any better! Dance is starting next week (already!) and I can't believe it. Pretty soon school will start, then soccer, and everything else. I will be sad when summer is over. Oh wells, there is always next summer to do it all over again!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kael's Birthday Weekend!

Kael turned 6 on Friday and we partied all weekend to celebrate. We started with a friend party at Liberty Land (a small amusement park) on Friday which was so much fun. He had a blast with his friends on rides, minature golfing, rock climbing and all that fun stuff. Then on Saturday we headed up the canyon with just our family for fishing, hiking, and smores (some of Kael's favorite things!) It's so fun to celebrate our kids birthdays I think! He got everything he could ever want including a Lego Indiana Jones Cake! We love you Kael, Happy Birthday!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Super 4th!

Little Man, Cutest Kid EVER!

Self Portraits, This is the only way we get pictures of us together!! So Attractive!
My little Crazies on their 4-wheeler!
Kael doing one of his tricks on the slide!
Saxon and his bud (cousin) Caden and their sparklers!

We decided not to go anywhere and do anything extra special this 4th of July because it's nice to not have to battle crowds and we had an awome weekend! My 4th started out with a massage which I decided I will start ALL of my major holidays with. It was super!! After that we had a BBQ with some good friends and kids played all day on the slide in the backyard. Then we went over to Bryce's parents. We played volleyball, had an egg toss, and played with some water balloons also the kids love being with their cousins! We all came over to our house to light of a mass amount of fireworks which was awsome. We aren't really into the big shows on the 4th. Too many people, too much time in the car, and you don't have the possibility of a "rogue firework" to keep the night entertaining like you do when you light them yourself!! Luckily no-one blew up. So this morning after a big breakfast and cleaning off the street, we took the kids 4 wheeling near our house. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and Bryce and I topped it off with a date to the Gateway where we ate at one of our favorite restaurants (Ztejas) and did some shopping! I got a new fairway wood and I can't wait to hit it! So, I think the weekend was a complete success even without all the parades, firework shows, and Stadium of Fire! I have decided that I really love this holiday.