Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am loving this time of year!!

First of all, I am very impressed with myself for the updates I have done to this blog. I Thought I'd drop in one more post before I probably go dormant for awhile again. So, spring is "springing" and everything about it is beautiful, but its something else that I love about spring that gets me so excited. All the kids are comin out to play! And I don't just mean getting out of the house, but sports and dance. The past few weeks have been filled with dance competitions, soccer games and baseball/tball games, and it has been a blast! There is something about getting the whole family together, rain or shine, to cheer each other on. I love to see my kids get so proud of their brother or sister when they see them work hard at something and succeed. At Vie's last competition, Saxon was watching and looked over at me and said, "There's Vienna! She is AMAZING!" and a couple of weeks ago Kael made an awesome goal in soccer and he and his brother and sister were so excited that went out to celebrate (at the gas station of course). I love how sports gives my kids a chance to literally cheer each other on. I think you really get a sense of how a family is always there rain or shine, thick or thin, and I love it! So here's to spring, and ALL of the great games, and performances to come! Here are a few pics of my kids in action!

Wiggly Toothed Boy and Mulch Man!

I'm kind of on a blogging rampage tonight, trying to get caught up on posts for my fam (and friends) and I really should be in bed right now if I expect to be worth anything tomorrow, but I'm gonna chance it with one more post! B has been in China for the last 4 days and I think the hardest thing about him being gone is, I don't want to go to bed! The thought of going to sleep alone is not one I'm excited about. So for the last few nights I have prolonged bedttime for way longer than I should. I've decided that I'm not a fan of business trips that I'm on invited on!

So, I have this kid, #2. Well he's lost a couple of teeth and the thing about him is, he won't pull them out! He lets them get so loose that it just dangles in his mouth, then when the thread of tissue is so dissentegrated that it cannot support the tooth, it just drops out. O.K. let me just say, I LOVE PULLING TEETH. My daughter has let me pull every one of her's out and to sit and look at the dangling tooth makes me want to scream! It's like talking to someone with a big zit on their face and wanting so bad to just say, "Excuse me, can I just pop that thing for you?". Well, I guess I just ratted myself out for being a tooth pulling, zit popping, nut job. But seriously, I don't know how many more dangling teeth I can take! Just thinking about it makes me want to go downstairs right now and yank it out while he's asleep, but I promised him that I wouldn't. That thing haunts my dreams!!

So all the springy weather has really gotten me excited to start planting some flowers, so I picked up a few things to plant in the front yard. Baby is so into being outside and also into eating EVERYTHING. No, that is NOT a good combination! I caught him eating, bark, rocks, Baylee's fetch ball (eew!), my gardening gloves, leaves, roller skates, and he even topped it off with a handful of mulch. It says on the bag that it promotes good growing, I wonder if that pertains to little boys too? I'll let you know!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby! WARNING! May contain an abundance of really cute baby pictures, sorry, but its my blog so get over it!

The REAL Birthday!
3 Days old!
2 Months old.
4 Months old.
6 Months old.
8 Months old.

10 Months old.
11 Months old.

So, my baby turned 1! What a fabulous 1st year it has been! I'm not sure if it's because I know this is my last baby, but I have really cherished every moment of this little boys first year! He is such and amazing kid with the most amazing personality. People are drawn to his adorable little smile and laugh! I swear he came into this world fat and happy and really, he hasn't changed much. I have never seen a baby so content with life. He eats and eats and eats like every meal is his last. He loves his sleep (which I ABSOLUTELY love). He's always content pushing around a matchbox car, and he even uses this adorable little giggle to communicate. Probably my favorite thing about this boy is his smile. He's always giving them away and he has a way of raising his eyebrows and tilting his head back to make it look even bigger. Yes, I have to admit, I'm head over heels for this little man and although I am a little saddened by this big milestone, I am so excited to see just what kind of person he is going to turn out to be. One thing is for sure, he is loved! I thought the "new baby" thing would wear off after a few months, but his brothers and sister are always trying to be the one who gets to sit by him, take him out of the crib, feed him, change him, play with him, carry him. Although it gets daunting at times, it's rather cute!

Here is my SAD attempt at a car cake. Lets just say that about half way through, I got bored with it and just tried to GET IT DONE! So, it's not my favorite cake in the world, but baby really didn't mind! He dug right in and almost finished it!

He even helped me make it!! Oh, and this is that smile I was talking about! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Time!

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks that I don't even know where to begin! So, I guess I will start with Easter! Usually Grandma and Grandpa put on an awesome Easter egg hunt, but they were gone to Oregon so we decided to do our own. We had a few of the neighbors over and 200 eggs and a lot of wet mud, but it was great! For some reason the scouts decided to airate the lawn for a fundraiser that morning. Lets just say ariation pellets and rain DO NOT MIX! It was a muddy mess, but who cares really! On Easter Sunday, the bunny made a visit that morning bringing all sorts of fun stuff for the kids and later that afternoon Nana, Papa, Uncle Ron, my cousin Jack and his family all came over for dinner.