Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kid Photographers!

mmmm, little too close for comfort.
Love this one of me in my hubby's coat and looking fabulous!
Here piggy piggies!
A cute little tooshie! Wish it were mine!
Little Diva!
A Kids lunch!
I'm not quite sure were the cameraman was when this was taken. A cave? Who knows?

I haven't been a very diligent blogger lately. To tell you the truth, I'm going to blame it on my phone. I hardly ever turn on my computer anymore! And I check out all of my dearest friend's blogs using my phone so I really don't need to. So i am very sorry I haven't updated for quite some time.

We have an extra camera and every once and awhile the kids will take it and snap pictures all around the house. The best part about that is finding out just what they were taking pictures of! It gives me a glimpse of how kids view life. I have quite a file of very interesting kid pics. Here are a few of the most recent!