Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It started so well, and ended so badly!!

I'm talking about our last weekend. We FINALLY took the boat out and all I can say is it just hasn't been summer without getting out on the lake. The kids absolutely LOVE the boat and we love spending time together on it. The water was perfect for tubin when we hit the lake so the kids went crazy! All got dumped from the tube except Saxon and I swear it's because of his DEATH GRIP that he has on the handles. Vie tried wakeboarding for her first time and she got up on her 3rd try!!! I can't believe it! I swear it took me half a day to get up on that thing when I was a kid! She's amazing! It was a great day on the lake and we had plans for an even better next day!

No, I didn't bother to clean his face, this shows his true colors. He never stops eating therefore he ALWAYS has food on his face. That's just how he rolls!

K, these next two pics make me laugh. These boys look so tough, and I am loving K in his dad's shades chuggin a SHASTA!

Some great friends of our invited us crawdaddin' up at Strawberry Resevoir. We had never done it and we decided to make a camping trip out of it. We stuffed the car, threw the canoe on the top and headed up to the Lake. We found a perfect little camp site and put the canoe in and headed out. It was perfect! Later we met our friends and the kids had a blast catching crawdads! Little did we know the chaos the was lurking on the horizion! (I'm so not a writer!)

Our friend Tyson and a nice big CRAWDAD!
Saxon and a Red Ryder BB gun (no, he didn't shoot his eye out. Just a bunch of cans.) I love how his shirt is off and he totally looks trailer park (notice the background). Thats my boy!!

Well, a little storm was coming and it was getting pretty late so we thought we'd get back to camp. The storm beat us there and with it came microburst winds up to 70mph. Our tent, filled with our bedding, cooler, food, crib and chairs had blown away and was completely destroyed! B and I held on to what was left of it for dear life as the kids tried to round up whatever they could from the inside. The wind was intense, the rain was coming down and if losing our new "cabin" tent wasn't hard, just then a big gust of wind blew the canoe off the car and it took off our side mirror on our way down. There was not a lot of room to fit everything in the car and we piled gear on top of the kids (who were crying their heads off mind you) and we ended our disasterous camping attempt by driving home at 11:30pm. Definately a camping trip to remember, that's for sure. And the whole weekend started so well! Who Knew???

Here lies our 16-man Cabin Style tent that the kids picked out for dad for Father's day last year. May she rest in peace.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer ROCKS!

I seriouslly love summer! I love the BBQ's, get togethers, trips to the pool, and just hangin out! We've had a blast this summer so far. We didn't plan any trips or anything crazy like that, but just hangin out is what summer is all about. It's been a busy few weeks with the 4th and Kaels Birthday! My brother Scott and his fam came out and played for a few days and it was fun to catch up with them. For the 4th, we had a fun BBQ at grandma and grandpas house, then headed over to our house for fireworks. With neighbors, family, and friends, we accumulated over 60 people and it was so much fun. Stadium of Fire, WHATEVER! We rocked it!

Kael turned 7 this last Sunday and we celebrated as a family this year. It was a day of all of his favorite foods and playing with his new toys. What a great kid he is. I have no idea what I would do without him. He is most definately the calm one of the family. I love how inquisitive he is, always trying to figure things out. And most of all, I love his compassion and concern for others. He's pretty good at knowing when someone just needs a hug, or when being helpful is really needed. He's an amazing kid, and I'm glad he's mine! Happy Birthday buddy!