Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting Caught Up!

So much has happened the last month! I'm definately not doing very good at keeping up this blog. Ever since I have gotten my Iphone, I rarely turn on my computer anymore! I do lots of checkin up on my friends and family, but very little posting. I apologize to those great friends of mine. Don't give up on me!

So, summer is pretty much coming to an end and I can't believe how fast it's gone. I intentionally did not schedule much to do this summer with the high hopes of the kids feeling like they really did get a "summer BREAK". I have to admit, it was nice to not have to do anything, but if you're wondering if it makes the time go by slower, no dice, it still flies! In all, it was a very relaxing and fun summer. Although that last week before school started was rough. I think the kids finally started to get a little sick of each other and I then got a little excited about that first day of school!! I might as well start with that, then I'll work backwards, all Tarentino-like.

Gotta love back to school. My sweet Vie has ALWAYS been very fashion conscious. I swear it started before the age of 2! That girl has always known EXACTLY what she wants to wear and how it should be worn. This year, I've noticed her take a very interesting turn in her fashion choices. I've always let her dress the way she wants and let her pick out her own clothes and she has always done a pretty good job of doing it, and her sense of modesty is very impressive. I think its funny that my little fashionista has grown a fondness for the 80's!! She is loving neon, crazy hair, funky plaids, and yes, jelly bracelets! Check out the back to school outfit! Pay close attention to the shoes! She HAD to have them and when I told her that I wouldn't buy them because I didn't think they were "practical", she forked out the money herself! What a girl! I have to admit, it was a very creative BTS outfit. Gotta love that girl!!

K on the other hand, what a dichotomy (spelling please??) He would be completely content wearing basketball shorts and an old t-shirt everyday! I did pick out his BTS shoes and I have to admit, they are pretty rockin. Sax starts next week and it's been a painful week for him. He wants to start so bad. All the kids love their teachers and classses, and I have a feeling its going to be a good year!

Had a few birthdays this month. B had an ALPINE DAYS birthday this year which is his favorite. Every so often, his birthday falls on our city day celebration. When he was a kid it was particularly fun to have a parade, carnival, and fireworks on your big day and since my hubby really is a kid at heart, he still loves it. We had family and friends over for a BBQ and after, we went to a rodeo and then to fireworks! It was a great day!

A couple of days later, Sax had his birthday, complete with a really freaky monster birthday cake. If any of you know Sax, you will know that he has a deep love of anything scary. Where do kids get this! So I whipped up a very disturbing cake. We invited a bunch of friends over to go to the dinosaur museum, but when we got there it turned out to be thousands of people waiting in a line at least a half mile long to get in because of a big special they were offering. I whipped out my phone, made some calls and we headed over to a kids bouncy place to have our make-shift birthday party. It was a little crazy at the time, but it turned out to be a great party!

Sax is such a great part of our fam! It's always fun to reflect on their birthdays how they came into this earth and what part they play in it! He gave me so much grief getting here, and I have to admit, he continues to give me a little grief now and then, but I love that about him! This family needs him. He's always making things fun, making everyone laugh, and his take-life-by-the-horns attitude makes him the coolest kid I know. I sure love my little "monster"!

Well, i realize this is a pretty long post, hopefully you're not all bored to death, but it all had to be said! Now that summer is over I'd have to say the best part of summer was really, just doing nothing. Being together, campouts once a week in the backyard, looking at the stars, reading good books together, spending time with good friends on the front porch at night, going out on the boat, biking, and other not-so-summer-fabulous things. That's what I'll remember most about this summer.