Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love this camera!

My friend loaned me her Canon Rebel camera and while I had it over the weekend I totally milked it! I took pictures like crazy. Now I know what I want to ask Santa for this Christmas! Photography and the Guitar. Getting good at these two things has been on my to do list for a very long time! So, if any of you see Santa, tell him I deserve this camera! Here are a few pics of my awesome kids!
I am finding myself getting more and more busy everyday! Halloween this, classes, preschool, kindergarten, class party, take the kids here, doctor appointments there. Seriously, does this end?? I guess I have the next 18 years to figure it out. I have this office that is seriously so neglected that I am beginning to get used to things having a permenant residence on the floor! K, its not Oprah's messiest office in the country, but it's like a distant cousin. Every time I think today is the day to tackle this dreaded office, LIFE HAPPENS! So how do I do it? I guess it doesn't help that I have a 6 month old who as long as he is awake, thinks my time is all his. I have to admit, that part I don't hate too much. But when your talking long tasks, his 2 hour nap just won't cut it! So, I will probably end up letting this office go for another few weeks/months. Lets face it, Christmas music will be playing on the radio in less than a month. Yea, let the office sit! Any objections??


Rachel H said...

Lori, they are ALL so CUTE!! But the one of KAEL is def. my fave!!!

How fun- I know- I would love a great camera like that to play with.

Life is already so busy with just our age of kids.. I keep wonderng will it only get harder? YIKES!! Hopefully not!

Lov ya and miss ya!

Patti said...

very cute pics. bryce with a full beard? weird. your kids are growing up lor. time flies.

The Prices said...

Sweet beard Bryce! The kids are adorable...I'd love to ask Santa for the same thing. Oh, and definitely let the office go!

Melony & Todd Dame said...

Isn't it amazing what a nice camera can do. I have the same camera on my birthday list too. I love all pictures of the kids, they are getting so big. I almost couldn't recognize Bryce with the beard, it has been too long since we last saw y'all.


so cute! you take good picture lori.... Wes and I are having our taken and we should have hired you! You have such a cute family and it was fun seeing you guys on Sunday.

love ya