Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Just a Hermit Crab! (for cryin out loud!)

So, last week we had a little incident in our home that ended up being a pretty emotional event (for some) around here. S got a really cool Batman Hermit crab for his birthday and believe it or not, it became a pretty cool little pet. S would bring him out and let him crawl around the house while he played and it was a very big, very cool crab. Well, he took it out and it was walking around the kitchen and I had to run Saxon to a play date. Well on my way there I realized that Hermie was still out. I figured he would just crawl around and no harm would befall him, Boy was I wrong. Hermie decided to crawl through the posts of the banister and down he tumbled to the basement. When we got home we found an empty Batman shell and a sad little Hermit crab hiding behind the door. It was obvious he did not fair well on his trip. We helped him back into his terrarium where he spent the last few hours of his life. Yes, I know, its just a hermit crab, but this being our first pet to pass away, it was a big event. S really didn't care and he was already excited to pick out a new one, but K on the other hand cried most of the night saying things like, "He was a good crab wasn't he?" and "Do crabs go to heaven?" Yes, it was a very emotional night indeed. We put little Hermie in a Spongebob Gogurt box and said our last goodbyes to a very cool little crab.
Yes, we did get a new crab and he's not quite the same. Hermie was the size of an apple and very impressive and the new crab that Saxon HAD to have is about the size of an almond. Not as cool, but hey, S loves him! So, yes, there is a happy ending to the sad sad crab story. Moral of the story, When you have crabs, make sure you know where they are at all times!!
(ha, ha!)


Wolf-Pack said...

Poor Kael. He has such a tender heart. Good luck with the new pet.

Rachel H said...

That is really funny Lori, so sad for the poor little crabby. ha. Nice new blog look and music! =0)

Patti said...

Wow, Lor, your hair looks fantastic. I am so glad you keep a blog. Your family is cute.