Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh No! Not a Tag!!

I have never done a tag before, but I thought this photo tag was cool. I thought it would be so fun to look at this years from now to remember what things were like at this time in my life and what better way to capture that than looking at things in your home (regardless the condition they are in).

#1 My Favorite Room

This is a no brainer! My front room for lots of reasons. It is the place we spend time together as a family. We read here, do homework here, have FHE here, I chill here, the red walls remind me of a sleepless night when B and I painted each brick individually, and it's the first room you see when you come to visit (so it's usually picked up and tidy!!) I Love this room!

#2 What are my kids doing right now?

Luckily at this percise moment they aren't fighting or messing things up! S was playing with Baby on the rug in the front room while K was getting a little dose of Nickelodeon on my bed.

#3 My Closet

Oh, this one is scary. It's small, its packed, its just plain SCARY! No, I will never have a closet like the ones on CRIBS. I have just come to accept it!

#4 My Favorite Shoes

For sure my Reef flip flops I got in Hawaii. They are perfect all the time. The only ones I reach for every day! So why do I have like 20 other pair?

#5 Laundry Room

As I like to call it, My Catch-All room! I'm not proud of it. Please tell me everyone has a room like this!

#6 Guest Bathroom

This room also doubles as my daughters bathroom so threre is usually a plethora of hair styling tools and products on the counter. Aren't pictures of toilets funny! ( I think I've been hanging around my 6-year-old son way too much!)

#7 Kitchen Sink

Really not much to say, its a sink, woohoo!

#8 The Refridgerator

This one scares me to death. Look at this monster! No matter how much I clean it out, it's still full!!

#9 Self Portrait

I hate these things, but oh wells, here goes! (I hope I don't get fat face!)

So, for whoever wants to do this tag, do it. I'm not gonna ask someone to. The only rule is that you can't tidy up before you take the picture. Grab your camera now and start shootin!


Rachel H said...

Cute Lori!! Love it. You are awesome. =)


so why do you have to look so darn cute in your self portrait??? your a doll!

Patti said...

hey, didn't you have a b-day too? i remember talking to you on your first day at CPDA in the break room. wasn't yours on the 27th??

C E E B S said...

um lori? my phone broke and i had to get a new one and we couldnt get the contacts off the old phone and on to my new one. so i have a lack of lori in my phone. you should fix that. my number is still the same!! love you!!!love celeste

Lanes said...

oh, that was fun. I love to get little peeks into others lives. Oh no, I sound like a stalker. Anyway, you look so cute in the pic, no fat face. Is your hair long now. I'm always wondering what people's hair is doing. Stalking again.