Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love this camera!

My friend loaned me her Canon Rebel camera and while I had it over the weekend I totally milked it! I took pictures like crazy. Now I know what I want to ask Santa for this Christmas! Photography and the Guitar. Getting good at these two things has been on my to do list for a very long time! So, if any of you see Santa, tell him I deserve this camera! Here are a few pics of my awesome kids!
I am finding myself getting more and more busy everyday! Halloween this, classes, preschool, kindergarten, class party, take the kids here, doctor appointments there. Seriously, does this end?? I guess I have the next 18 years to figure it out. I have this office that is seriously so neglected that I am beginning to get used to things having a permenant residence on the floor! K, its not Oprah's messiest office in the country, but it's like a distant cousin. Every time I think today is the day to tackle this dreaded office, LIFE HAPPENS! So how do I do it? I guess it doesn't help that I have a 6 month old who as long as he is awake, thinks my time is all his. I have to admit, that part I don't hate too much. But when your talking long tasks, his 2 hour nap just won't cut it! So, I will probably end up letting this office go for another few weeks/months. Lets face it, Christmas music will be playing on the radio in less than a month. Yea, let the office sit! Any objections??