Thursday, February 4, 2010

Disney ROCKS!

So a friend of mine told me about the GIVE A DAY GET A DAY Disney Program and I decided to give it a try seeing as we were planning on heading out to SOCAL the end of this month, well, it turned out to be the funnest thing! We made blankets for the project Linus foundation and the kids had a total BLAST. Vie said, we should do this all the time! Kael, who is a little tenderhearted felt sad for the kids who were sick, had to be taken from their parents, or lost their homes to a fire, for whom the blankets would go to. Even Sax got into it! So we spent an evening talking about how lucky we are and that there are many who aren't as lucky as we are and we should do everything we can to try to help. They were already planning the next family service project that they wanted to do! So I thank Disney for motivating us to do this project! I did however notice that when we stacked up all of our blankets, Kael shouted out, "Wow! Thats like 5 free days at Disneyland! WOOHOO!" You can only hope they get the real point!