Saturday, December 5, 2009

Festival of Trees!

Close up of the sea turtles.

Close up of one of the other turtles.

Vie, her friend and her cousin at the Festival.

Decorating Day.

Vie putting on the topper, myself, and mom. Decorating day.

So, last year I was inspired to put together a tree for an event here in Utah called The Festival Of Trees. Its a charity event where people donate trees that are then auctioned off and all the proceeds go to the Primary Children's Medical Center. It is amazing event and every year my family enjoys seeing the amazing trees and being a part of the whole event. I was inspired to do a tree because of a situation that a family in my neighborhood and ward was in. This amazing family took on an 8 week old baby who was shaken and abused by his father at only 6 weeks old. He was shaken so badly that both of his optic nerves were severed and he had such severe brain damage that there was little hope for recovery. He was thrown and both femurs were broken, his rib cage was smashed and he wasn't expected to live very long. This foster family took him in and gave this tiny little baby so much love and cared for his every need. He was the same age as my little Cache and it was absolutely heartbreaking to compare the difference. Here my little guy was growing big, hitting milestones while this sweet little baby was just strugging to stay alive, and all because of a man who's lapse of control changed this little boys life forever. This little baby was never going to see, interact with others, or function at all by himself for the rest of his life, but through the love and care of my friends, he made unbelievable strides in his recovery. Sorry to say he passed away at 8 months old from a seziure he suffered in the night. My friend told me sadly, why would God make him stay and suffer for so long. (He had grueling rehabilitation visits) I told her that I knew exactly why he had to stay. He for the last 5 months, got a chance to feel love here on this earth. He wasn't lucky to be born into a loving home, but he found himself among a family who cared about him very much, and gave him a live of love, regardless how short it was. This little boy touched my life and he touched many other lives. I feel greatful to have been born to loving parents, and to have children of my own that I can love and care for. His little spirit had a purpose here and I felt compelled to remember him. The tree was called Turtle's Tree. He was known as Turtle by his foster family for the adorable little mannerisms he had. It was an absolute joy to put the tree together and to let my children have a hand in it too. It was a very special experience, one that I will never forget. So here I present to you Turtle's Tree.