Sunday, January 24, 2010

Angels Among Us

Every now and then I am exposed to people in my life that act as angels. Many times they are life-long friends who help me realize something profound. Or complete strangers who perform even the smallest deed that I admire. Or finding someone who has corageously endured extreme hardship or loss. I am so grateful for these people who have inspired me in my life. They have inspired me to be a better wife, mother, daughter, and woman. I honestly feel that we are all here to help each other along on this difficult and trying journey. Without shining examples in our lives, we can too easily forget why we are here, and how are we going to get through this. I'm grateful for a mom who is my biggest fan and who wants more than anything, my happiness and success. I'm grateful for friends/sisters, no matter how close or far away they are, who exhibit unconditional love and who continually inspire me to "hang in there". I'm grateful for the women who share their stories of courage and strength while they endure hard times or loss of children while demonstrating an unshakable faith in Christ. I am very blessed with so much. I know this. My heart is full. I only hope that in return to those angels who have touched my life, I can somehow do the same for someone else. I can in no way believe that I can be as influential as some have been to me, but I can try. This is my Thank You. Many who have tremendously touched my life will read this, and many do not even know I exist, but no matter. Thank You, for being my angel.