Saturday, July 5, 2008

Super 4th!

Little Man, Cutest Kid EVER!

Self Portraits, This is the only way we get pictures of us together!! So Attractive!
My little Crazies on their 4-wheeler!
Kael doing one of his tricks on the slide!
Saxon and his bud (cousin) Caden and their sparklers!

We decided not to go anywhere and do anything extra special this 4th of July because it's nice to not have to battle crowds and we had an awome weekend! My 4th started out with a massage which I decided I will start ALL of my major holidays with. It was super!! After that we had a BBQ with some good friends and kids played all day on the slide in the backyard. Then we went over to Bryce's parents. We played volleyball, had an egg toss, and played with some water balloons also the kids love being with their cousins! We all came over to our house to light of a mass amount of fireworks which was awsome. We aren't really into the big shows on the 4th. Too many people, too much time in the car, and you don't have the possibility of a "rogue firework" to keep the night entertaining like you do when you light them yourself!! Luckily no-one blew up. So this morning after a big breakfast and cleaning off the street, we took the kids 4 wheeling near our house. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and Bryce and I topped it off with a date to the Gateway where we ate at one of our favorite restaurants (Ztejas) and did some shopping! I got a new fairway wood and I can't wait to hit it! So, I think the weekend was a complete success even without all the parades, firework shows, and Stadium of Fire! I have decided that I really love this holiday.


Joan and Brys Blog said...

Wow Lori, That sounds like the most perfect 4th ever! I sure enjoy hearing how you and the family are doing! What a great family you have!

therichardsfam said...

Hey, cute pix once again. I love the low key vacations. We did absolutely nothing for the fourth, and had a nice weekend. I really didn't want to contend with Rebecca. It was great catching up with you.

Wyatt and Tara said...

Hey Lori, I am so glad you have a blog! It will be nice to still see what's going on with you guys when we move. We had a great time on the 4th too!