Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm on a blogging roll I guess you could say! Haven't had internet for awhile because of a downed modum, so I'm getting all caught up now! Halloween was so much fun this year! I absolutely love this holiday! I love anything creepy, scary, and most of all, I LOVE scaring my kids! What a mean parent I am. I know. So this year we decorated the yard and my awesome nephew sat outside in a mask and scared kids coming to trick or treat all night! What a blast it was! Kids have to earn their treats when they come to our house. My kids went candy collecting with all of their cousins and got all the candy their little hearts desired. Saxon was Nacho Libre, Kael was a Zombie Army Guy, Vie was a football player, and Cache was a Skunk (my little stinker!). It was a great Halloween! Grandma Higbee put on a fantastic Halloween party the night before too. Complete with games, food, pumpkin carving, and a spook alley. Kids had a blast (parents did too!).


manning's said...

That one of saxson eyes popping out is so good. and the one with the donut stuck in wades neck. very fun.

Anna said...

I LOVE halloween!!! It looks like you guys had fun. I love the fall pictures of your kids, You're so lucky to have kids with blue eyes! So cute.

Patti said...

holy crap your kids are adorable!!