Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Vie!

We celebrated Vie's 9th birthday this weekend and it was a total BLAST! This year, she planned her own party and I have to admit, she did an amazing job. It was a fall/Halloween themed party and with a handful of her closest friends it was a complete success. We had a Halloween Runway Fashion Show, told scary stories around the fire, painted nails, did facials, ate junk food, talked, laughed, and watched a scary movie. It was a crazy night with 10 crazy girls! I love having a girl, especially a girl who is so much fun! Vie never lets things get boring and I love her for that. She is definately the life of a party!

Her ACTUAL birthday was Sunday and she was a little bothered about having a Sunday Birthday, but we made it great! Some people may think that when you live in Utah that it's so easy to go to General Conference, but I'm here to say, it's not that easy. Getting tickets ahead of time is nearly impossible and getting there 2 hours early to try to score a ticket is not much fun, needless to say, I have never been to conference in the conference center. So, when a friend told me she could get two amazing tickets to conference I was stoked, and on Vie's birthday no less! We got up really early Sunday morning and headed downtown. It was an incredible morning. Lightning storms surrounded the valley and we had a great show the whole drive up there. When we got to the conference center we realized just how amazing our seats really were! We were only 20 yards from the pulpit and it was incredible, not to mention that the Sunday am session was so good. Vie and I had such an amazing time. What a memorable birthday. Being able to see President Monson so close. Watching his little mannerisms. I love how he gently gathered his wife to leave the session and have us a big smile and a wave on his way out. Truly a chosen man he is.

When we got home we did the usual conference Sunday stuff. Lounged around the house, did art projects, and listened. We finished off her birthday with her birthday dinner and a carmel cheese cake (at her request). Her gift from us was her own desk filled with art supplies and it was a big hit! She's been drawing every second since she got it!

To top off our amazing weekend, B took the day off work and we took all the kids up the canyon Monday. That was truly amazing. I know most everyone has a love of where the live and I am no exception. This place is a truly inspired place. We drove up Alpine loop to see the leaves and earlier that morning brought snow to the mountaintops. The mix of the snow and leaves were extraordinary. This little drive made me realize how blessed I am to live in such an amazing place. When I am up there, all the stresses of life just disappear. It makes me realize that there is so much more. That life has a natural rhythm and with or without me, it just keeps going. It's good to have those humbling moments. When you get so busy with home, school...LIFE, I love taking a step back and realizing that it's a big world and what I'm doing is so small in comparison. I guess you could say that it was not just a drive in the mountains.

After we got home, Bryce played card games with the kids, took them to the park to play kickball, and we all relaxed the rest of the night away. Makes me realize that I married a pretty awesome guy! So, this was a big weekend. Lots to report. Lots to be thankful for.

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Angie said...

WOw...that is so neat that you got to go to Conference! I've never been! What a FUN birthday for Vie. She is such a cute girl. Maybe I'll get to meet her some day. ;) LOVE the pictures of the canyon and leaves and snow. SO pretty!