Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm Back!

Oh yes, I know its been way too long! Things have been crazy here for sure. Recital was this past week (woo-h00) and now that it is over, summer really begins! We've been busy the past little while with dance, baseball, soccer, playing, hangin out, and all the usual summer stuff. I really don't have a lot of time to get on the computer anymore it seems. Having my phone makes it so I don't HAVE to get on my computer anymore, but I can't post on my blog from my phone, so I guess that is why I have been such a blog slacker. I'll try to be better.

So, recital was a complete success this year! We did Tarzan and Vienna was in 6 dances this year. She was absolutely beautiful! I'm so proud of her. She puts in so much hard work and every year I notice her get better and better because of it! That is my favorite thing about being a dance instructor, seeing the growth! I am getting to the point where I am seeing some of my dancers that I have taught since they were tiny graduate and move on. It is so rewarding to see what accomplished dancers they are becoming! It is such a satisfying feeling to see them move on in life! My nephey Hank was in town and he even came to the show! All 2 1/2 hours of it! Brownie points for you Hank! Good job!

Kael is real excited to be starting football this summer. Yesterday he got his gear and he is super stoked! He didn't take it off all day!! He is all about practicing and getting good at throwing for when practices start!

Sax is still going strong! He runs the neighborhood. So into anything creepy and crawlie. Him and his buddies are always catching things. The other day a neighborhood kid caught a garter snake and brought it over. Now Sax has made it his life long ambition to catch one for himself. He's absolutely CRAZY about reptiles and bugs. Our garage is filled with little homes for all his unassuming victims. (reminds me of his uncle Brian!) Here's a pic of him doing his favorite thing called "midgee". Him and his friends put thier knees up in their shirts and try all sorts of tricks and call themselves "midgees". Should I be worried??

That leaves us with baby! So much fun this kid is! Yesterday I left a jar of Nutella on the counter from when we had crepes and when I came back, well, lets just say, he's a real Nutella fan! The kid eats and eats like there's no tomorrow and he's heavy as a small truck. He's walking a little, but prefers to crawl because he's so much more efficient at it. Talk about a busy body. Keeping up with him is a daunting task! Thank goodness for older siblings!

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