Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Trip!!

Well, I had a crazy idea a couple months ago that I should go out to visit some family in Indiana and Ohio. Alone with my 4 kids, in February! Well, as crazy as it may sound, it turned out to be a great trip! The kids had a great time seeing cousins, I had a great time visiting and it turned out to be a fabulous trip. It's hard when family lives so far away and you only get to see each other every few years. So for this reason, my crazy trip alone with my 4 crazy kids was totally worth it.

Thanks Indiana Halversens for great "down home" fun! We loved shootin guns in the backyard, bowlin' with the Budwiser Bucket Boys, discovering the indoor flea market, spending good time at Wal-mart. My kids are head-over-heels for their cousins and aunt and uncle. Saxon misses his audience and Vie is in a state of depression without her "girls". Thanks for having us and for a few extra days at that!

Thanks Ohio Halversens for the blast we had up there! Our overblown Build-a-Bear experience at the busiest mall in the world, a super fabulous swimming experience, an almost COSI experience (lol), and good ol' "Chuckie's Fleas". But most of all for me, I enjoyed late night talks with sister-in laws and a nice sushi dinner with my big brother (notice my favorite moments were the quiet ones without my kids! hee hee!)

The hardest part about the trip was coming home and realizing how bad it stinks that we don't live closer. I have a pretty cool family. So, once again, I thank you for having us for a visit. We love you to death!


Rachel H said...

Awww! We heart having you!!! You guys are great, and I also thank you for not posting any pics of me!! haah! You are a wonderful sis in law to have!


Lor! said...

Thanks Rach! So what's up with no comments? You have some freakies leaving comments (like me?)Sorry the kids are sick. That's a bummer. I got home and the hubby got sick. So far none of us have been affected! love ya!

The Christensen's said...

So fun Lori...First of all I love Ohio because we lived there for a while and fell in love with it...but there is nothing better than hanging out with family...what an awesome experience for you hand your kids!!!

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Gina said...


Looks like you had a great time! I hope the stress of the flights worked out for you with the kids. I'm sure once you got there it was great!

Gina :-)