Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And They're Off!

Well it was a big week of first days of school. Vie started 2nd grade, Kael started kindergarten, Saxon started pre-school and I am finally starting to gain a little sanity!! Here are a few pics. So far so good. Everyone loves it, especially me!!

Oh, another cute thing. Saxon and I were weeding the garden together today and we had such a great conversation. He said "Mom, I'm gonna use my instincts to pull these weeds cuz I got mad skills! I think I'm an expert!" Ok, just so you know, I don't say the term "mad skills" even though it is quite awsome. I am just bewildered and quite impressed that my four-year-old does! Mad props my man Saxon!


Patti said...

that's awesome. pretty soon he'll be saying things like, "that one should die!" ;)

Rachel H said...

haha... that's so funny about Saxon! He's crazy! The kids look SO big!! I can't believe it. It's weird having them gone for so long- huh? I am adjusting to it too!

Joan and Brys Blog said...

Oh Man..... It just seems like yesterday and I was sending ou "Herd" off to school!!... THe kids look great! You and Bryce have done such a great job raising your beautiful family! Give the kids a big "Hug" from Auntie Joan and Uncle Bryan!

LC said...

Mad Skills! I think that is one of the terms I learned this year as well. Can't believe the kids are off to school and all grown up! But we are still young! You know that.
There is still some time left for some fabulous golfing! We can show off our mad skills woman!
Bring it!
Love ya